Ophiee is a Mexican-American artist, born in Mexico City, 1978; raised in Los Angeles, California. He has been painting autodidactly since childhood and has academic studies in both countries.

By the mid 1980´s, he was inspired by the futuristic cartoons, the American Graffiti subculture, the traditional L.A Cholo writing and the New York - Hip Hop movement.

His work explores and dialogues in diverse statements: an ambiguous aspect in Abstract painting; as which he describes as Aerocubism. Calligraphy; written in Roman alphabet by means of archaic languages and dilaects of ancient mesoamerican cultures with a personalized style of fonts. Roots; a research section that approaches themes from human and animal life, nature, world archeology and the mystery of the universe. And a social experiment with sleeping persons on the street with intentionate written words or phrases as a pictoric interpretation of a dream or thought, the Street Dreams.  


  2010 - 2013  
- Culturia workshop. Human figure & landscape drawing. Berlin, Deutschland
- German Language Exchange. Berlin. Deutschland

- Adobe Suite Course. Mac Lab. Mexico City

  2008 - 2009  
- Illustration Diplomaed. Academy of San Carlos UNAM. Mexico City  
- Installation Seminar. 100 Metros Cúbicos Gallery. Mexico City

  2005 - 2008  
- Human figure & Landscape drawing workshop. National Institute of Paint, Sculpture & Engraving ENPEG “ La Esmeralda “, Mexico City

  2004 - 2005  
- Photography. Glendale Community Collage. Glendale, Ca USA

  2001 - 2003
- Associate of Arts. Glendale Community Collage. Glendale, Ca  USA


 Exhibitions & Work 


- La Milpa - El maiz en tiempos de guerra, Bataclan Films. Faro Aragon, Mx City  
- 4S - Street Lynx Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia 

- Infinito Universo - Faro de Oriente. Neza, Mx City

- Nahual Roots - Goethe Institut. Mx City
- Life Roots - Chillakillers Loungeria. Mx City 
- Ritual Ollin Nahui - ENAH, Congreso Estetícas de las Calles. Mx City 
- Ollin Tonatiuh - Mural. Cultura al Hilo AC. Mx City
- Ritual Tlal Nantzin, mural sponsored by Grupo Modelo Foundation. Mx City

- Ritual Solar, mural. Project SSP, GDF. Mexico City Goverment.   
- Indoor Project “Secret Nights” Collective exhibition. Mx City
- American Hotel. Mural & design concept. Art District; Los Angeles, Ca. USA

- The Eagles, Print media. Collective exhibition at Gallery La Bodega. San Diego, Ca. USA
- Otomi Blanket  mural. Project Pintemos Mexico by Infonavit. San Diego Linares, Edo. de Mexico
- Cúspide al Futuro. Mural & Video Doc.. Unidad de Vinculación Artística. CCUT. UNAM. Mexico City
- Desing Fair. Pan-American University. Edo. de México, Mx

- Iztapalapart. Murals & workshop. Conaculta. Mexico City
- Roko Pachukote Music Tour. Photo & Video documentary. UNAM. Mexico City
- Barrio Roots Art Festival. Mural & community workshop. IME. SRE. US embassy Mx. Habitajes AC. City of Bell, USA
- Interzona Culture Festival. Collective mural. Tijuana, B.C.N. Mx
- Abcdefgraffiti. Collective exhibition. Chopo University Museum. UNAM. Mexico City

- Sexxxología. Collective exhibition. Radio Education. Mexico City
- Esthetics of the streets Congress. Mural, lecture & research. ENAH. National Institute of Anthropology and History. Mexico City

- Box Jam Art Festival. Live act mural. East side Gallery at Yaam. Berlin, Deutschland
- Spèktrum Zirkus. Solo exhibition. Trauma Forum, Marburg, Deutschland
- Mondschein. Drawing & Illustration. Collective exhibition at Culturia. Berlin, Deutschland 
- Classic. Collective exhibition. University IPN Zacatenco, Mexico City

- Aerocubism. Solo exhibition. Casa Forde. Mexico City
- Top of the Dome. Collective exhibition. Crewest Gallery. Los Angeles, Ca. USA
- Siempreotravez. Collective exhibition; canvas, video doc. and conference. Museum of Modern Art MAM, Mexico City
 - Migración y Revolución. Collective mural display. National Institute of Anthropology and History INAH. Mexico City

- Pelea de Gallos - Collective exhibition. Casa Forde , Mexico City

- Festival Rock por la Educación. Mural live act. GDF. Mexico City
- Urban Art Diplomaed & Collective mural - Ibero-American University UIA, Mexico City

- Oveja Negra. Collective Mural Graffiti Display. Gallery Jose Maria Velasco. UNAM. Mexico City

- Las Calles están diciendo cosas. Mural display. Mexico City Museum MCM. Mx

- Festival Dia C. Mural display, live act and conference. Ibero-American University UIA, Mexico City

- 1st National Graffiti Encounter. Collective mural display. University of Guanajuato. Mx